Stream To Do

These are the things that I am allowed to do on this stream.


  • Coding Sabbath (pure theory day)
    • Homological Algebra Series

    • Category Theory Series

  • Live Coding
    • Data Science Stuff
      • HomCV

      • probabilities repo

    • Longevity Application (Pure software development)

  • Workflow stuff
    • VIM day

  • Miscellaneous


  • Am I going to do any theory for ML? Just pure software development?
    • Yes, on theory day

  • Will I have a workflow day? Should it pervade throughout the entire stream?

    • Both. I love watching other people’s vim days, so maybe other people will enjoy my workflow days.

Code Sabbath

The code sabbath will occur weekly. This is a day where no source code (other than tex, rst) is written.

The code is a day to bath in theory. Pure, beautiful theory, divorced from any real applications.


  • Am I allowed to play with my dotfiles on the code sabbath?

    • It’s okay, but it’s discouraged.

Workflow Days

These days are devoted to getting more effecient at producing output.

Example Workflow improvements

  • Vim practice, e.g. vim be good.

  • Snippets

  • Vim plugins

  • CLI tools

  • General dotfiles