2021 New Years Resolutions

General Philosophy

I like New Years resolutions. Although New Years day is arbitrary from the perspective of astrophysics, it’s not the same as every other day from a sociocultural persective.


  1. Use less proprietary software
    • Exclusively use brave
      • As of 1/18, brave is my default browser!

    • Minimize reliance on apple messages, transition to Signal

  2. Transition to neovim 0.5 by end of March
    • Use built-in LSP

    • Transition to Telescope

  3. Try out Arch Linux
    • Install arch linux on raspberry pi

    • Install/use a window manager

    • Install/use a desktop environment

  4. Transition to gitlab.


  1. More consistently do FP
    • 4 times a week

  2. Run 5k faster

  3. Train more zone 2

  4. Run a fast mile:
    1. Run 7:00 minute mile on treadmill in February
      • 7:10 1/17/2021

      • 6:45 1/22/2021

    2. Run 6:30 minute mile on treadmill in June

    3. Run 6:00 minute mile on treadmill in December


This really requires some form of tracking, hopefully automated. Unclear how I should go about doing this though.

Datetime and mile time will be recorded in personal health repo.

Train more zone 2 is not specific. I need to think about this more.


  1. Two 3-day fasts

  2. Four 2-day fasts


  1. Daily emotional/behavioral training

  2. Exercise diary

  3. Semi-monthly orthostatic videos

Software Development

  1. Develop Flask web app for personal health
    • PostgreSQL database for health data

    • Web form for logging emotions?

  2. Figure out something with your raspberry pi.
    • Then do it

  3. Semi-monthly gait videos


  1. MLE course
    • Get to the statement of asymptotic normality

  2. Category theory course
    • cover functors and (co)limits

    • relational databases

  3. TDA talk
    • general introduction/motivation

  4. Homological algebra
    • Spectral Graph theory/graph quantum mechanics

  5. Vim videos
    • Vim for data science

    • Vim for (math) writing


  1. Learn more ML/software development
    • Train a pose estimator

  2. Learn more survival analysis
    • Write article about it

    • Bonus: make a screencast lecture out of it


  1. Make 3 full body self potraits
    1. End of April

    2. End of August

    3. End of December

Social Media

  1. Biweekly twitch stream

  2. Tell friends about


  1. Split keyboard
    • purchased but not delivered, thanks mom!

  2. GoPro

  3. Camlink