Dream Wearables

The following are a sketch of my dream wearable.

  1. Heart Rate Monitor

  2. Accelerometer

  3. (Continuous) Blood Glucose Monitors

  4. Thermometer

Although each of these are commercially available in some form, the current state of products have a number of products:

  1. Lack of Validation

    • Data on the accuracy etc. of these products is severely limited.

  2. Lack of Access to Data

    • The user has limited access to this data, let alone the raw data.

  3. Lack of Integration

    • With essentially no exceptions, the list above requires four different products, whose data is scattered throughout different proprietary databases.

  4. Wearables scattered throughout body

    • Not to mention in many cases this also means multiple products to charge.

Very few of them have any external validation. Moreover, the user’s access to this data is severely limited.